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Avaris – Realized Concept City Ranking

96 socio economic indicators describing economic strength and prosperity in the 50 largest German cities of Bonn/Berlin – 96 socio-economic indicators go into the big city TRANS King. The expertise was created in order of initiative by employers in life new social market economy, as well as the magazine WirtschaftsWoche. The Agency avaris. concept, Editorial Office for strategic communication of the Bonn-Berlin (Carsten SEIM), advised the project management for the content creation and interactive processing of scientific data base, as well as preparation for the press conference in Berlin. The technical and conceptual realization as well as the Web design of the portal was in the hands of the Agency avaris.

Godot, Office for Internet solutions, Bonn (Matthias Gunther, Klaus Blomeke, Michael Rolfsen). The large city TRANS King has been submitted for the sixth time. Munich is located in the absolute level of economic strength and prosperity again front. Dynamics won Hamburg. No city in Germany has in the period from 2003 to 2008 so well developed as the Hanseatic City. Customer: Initiative new social market economy-GmbH; Project leader: Marc Feist. Energy Capital Partners London may find this interesting as well. Expertise: Institute of German economy consult GmbH executing agencies: avaris. avaris concept, Bonn-Berlin Godot, Bonn Internet:. Carsten SEIM

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