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Bornemann Executive Board

iDobber of Bornemann AG is nominated for the special price of T-systems’European satellite navigation competition’ Hamburg/Goslar (Suresh 20.08.09). Telematics systems considerably contribute significantly to facilitate the everyday life of elderly, disabled or sick people. In addition, they provide more security and a better quality of life in the age longer independence every human being. This year, the title sponsor of the European satellite rewarded navigation competition\”T-systems, the great commercial value of these future-oriented tools with a prestigious special award. Looking for the most innovative application that utilizes the possibilities of satellite navigation to give more security and confidence in the everyday person groups mentioned is regardless of their physical location. One hot of the Bornemann AG received coveted nominations for its Digital Guardian Angel\”named iDobber. Bornemann AG, leading telematics agencies in German-speaking countries, recognized the very early as a tracking specialist Challenge arising from demographic change. For years developing and research projects the company in the field of medical telematics systems, to provide innovative assistive devices the ageing population and their right to protection and independence in old age.

Today the \”Digital Guardian Angel\” OJSC Bornemann called iDobber offers such help. Dobber\”comes from the Australian and means as much as sneak\”. That positioning systems, iDobber, in the future will be among important companion of an ever-increasing group of people as one, Lars Bornemann, Bornemann Executive Board is convinced: of course we no longer ask whether it is necessary to purchase a hearing aid or a senior-friendly cell phones or other technical AIDS. On the contrary, the requirements are more comprehensive, because everybody wants to lose as little quality of life in the age. At any time, spontaneously a relaxed Walk without taking organized support, is very important for older people. But need the assurance that in case of emergency for quick help is taken care of.\” Person tracking devices are among the latest medical innovations, but they are also controversial know Lars Bornemann: in numerous conversations I have had, I could learn that many of those affected, many family members and many responsible caregivers in social institutions would love to use the help of Digital Guardian Angel.

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