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California Institute of Technology

In his article, Kirschvink, a professor of California Institute of Technology, Yuk L. Yung (Yuk L. Yung), together with collaborators, and graduate students of King Fai Lee (King-Fai Li) and Kaveh Pahlevan (Kaveh Pahlevan) demonstrate that atmospheric pressure is a factor that regulates global temperature by broadening of spectral lines of the infrared absorption of gases, greenhouse effect. Their model assumes that only by reducing the atmospheric pressure can increase the lifespan of the biosphere, at least up to 2.3 billion years in the future, which is more than twice as much as previously estimated. The researchers used an analogy with the "blanket" to explain the mechanism. Gases, greenhouse effect, in particular, carbon dioxide, will be presented in the form of cotton fibers from which woven blanket. "Weaving of cotton may have holes through which it will follow the heat" – explains Lee (Li), lead author of the article. "The sizes of holes are governed pressure, "- says Yung (Yung).

"Seal" blanket ", increasing the atmospheric pressure, and the hole will decrease, resulting in less heat will evaporate. If you reduce the pressure, the hole will be wider, so more heat will leak out, "- he says, – "helping the planet to lose the excess heat produced by the action of a bright shining sun." The solution is to significantly reduce the overall pressure of the atmosphere itself due to the removal an impressive number of molecular nitrogen, almost perfectly inert gas, from which almost 78% is the atmosphere. This will regulate the temperature of the earth's surface and hold carbon dioxide in the atmosphere for sustain life on Earth.

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