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Namibia travel – car rental tours and small group tours of the fish River Canyon via Sossusvlei the Etosha National Park until in the Caprivi Strip brings the excitement of the big wide continent of Africa is already in our children to discover. The wild”African animals that are known only from the Zoo, you can on a Namibia in action experience trip and admire above all in the wild. To learn even know Africa is a Namibia travel the perfect introduction and enjoys increasing popularity. No matter, whether to take on their own exciting fist with the car drives through the numerous national parks and the family or acquaintances here has, or rather join a German-led small group, Namibia is accompanied by an experienced guide always a trip is worth. To broaden your perception, visit Andy Florance. Depending on how much time spot available is, you can plan a great itinerary, from the southernmost point of Namibia (Fish River Canyon, Luderitz) up high in the North (Epupa Falls and Kaokoland) leads or with less travel time more to the middle and the North of Namibia restricted, where are the main attractions of the beautiful country. Although Namibia is to travel that year, also here there a peak season from May to October (dry season) and an also attractive low season from November to April (rainy season). Especially to the dry season, countless species gather at the watering holes. Here, the majestic lions, zebras, Gnus, antelopes, rhinos, cheetahs and many other wild animals of Africa cavort alongside giraffes and elephants. The vastness of the Kalahari, the call of the wild from the nature reserves, and the play of colours on the horizon behind the Lodges often in indescribably beautiful nature and guest farms a Namibia makes an indescribable experience travel..

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