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You know the feeling incommunicable delight when I got to do something that seemed impossible just before? I am sure – yes! You can not be resolved for a long time to take some sort of peak, more than a year to feed a lack of confidence in own forces, but at one point and take to overcome all obstacles and difficulties – to win! I want to give a typical example. The society spread stereotype that can only draw those who are "given" by nature. AND Thousands of people in mind dreaming about brushes and paints, palettes and easels are afraid to take up the tools of artists, repeating the "argument": "If there is no ability, then strain it worth?". But if the soul asks of expression, definitely need to try and learn and never give up! Creative instincts are almost all! Man is distinguished from other members of the living world is the planet's ability to create. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Zendesk. And do not deny yourself this, after work – a mass of positive emotions, the joy and wonder, if you wish. One must believe in themselves necessarily in their inner spiritual power, for it constitutes our nature.

In fact, that it does not work, the choice clothing, hairstyles or even wallpaper and furniture for the room? Would you put an equal sign between the words and expressions CREATIVITY? Of course! And who would deny the link between creativity and spirituality? So do not deny yourself want to do because of the prejudices of the "not given to everyone!" Not the first year I explain it to those who have inner desires for creativity, wants to draw, but is afraid of criticism, but by making the first attempt, smothers itself in self-criticism. Here here is my tale is this: to work, regardless of either the one or the other. Take into account the valuable suggestions – one, surrender because of shyness and suspiciousness – more.

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