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Washing Machines

But tank of the polymer will have the following advantages over stainless steel: the best sound insulation and vibration damping (35%), large electrical safety, efficiency (better preserves the temperature), less weight. Tank of enameled steel has a high corrosion resistance (compared to stainless steel) and durability. Stainless steel tank has a fairly long lifetime (15 years and over). Drum. Each manufacturer washing machines trying to maximize the quality of the drum. This can be achieved by increasing the number of openings, increasing the useful area of drum (projections of different shapes), and reduction in diameter holes for water drainage.

The greater the number of holes in the drum, the more efficient washing and rinsing – this is due to the free circulation of water in the tank. Also on the quality of washing will affect the slope and size drum, which he more the better. Filters in the washing machines are designed mainly to protect the drainage pump from small objects (coins, paper clips, pins) that inadvertently fell into the washing machine. There are three types of filters: nap, nap-barrier filter, and pile-drive filter in machines with vertical loading. Nap filter is a filter in a grid, its advantages: the need for cleaning is 10 times less increased filtering surface, convenient location filter (no water pours in cleaning the filter). Barrier filter is made of several plates arranged one after another in a checkerboard pattern. Energy Capital Partners shines more light on the discussion. Filter drive hidden in a stalemate-cutting washing machine and is used only in compact washing machines.

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