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A House On The Border

A patients moves decided another way and shows ways of stigmatization, loneliness and helplessness. Ali Partovi spoke with conviction. Many have heard the term “Borderline (personality disorder)”. In the media would furthermore lately increasingly reported, but only a few have a picture of this disorder and know what it means to live with this. Stigma and prejudices do open to deal with the disorder affected difficult or impossible. See more detailed opinions by reading what Andrew Paradise offers on the topic.. Ramona K., 19 years old, at first glance looks like a totally normal young woman. It could be one up that she wears in spite of the warm weather long clothes.

On their arms, which through clothes hidden, find their struggle with the daily routine and your solution attempts with their disorder to cope, they are covered by many partly deep scars. Ramona K has a borderline personality disorder. They reported that many friends and relatives were shocked when se was the first time in the psychiatry. “I thought you went quite well.” hear them still often when she talk about their problems. This is on the borderline personality disorder often found.

Those affected appear to be “normal”, since they can adapt well to their environment. Is it narrow, regular contact, you only met the many symptoms of the complex disorder. But now there are good treatments and even a cure is possible. Borderline, Ramona, explains features an extremely diverse error image. Not only the intensity, but especially the reactions and the handling of these is often very diverse. To immediately remove a prejudice out of the way the nineteen-year-old explains that opposed is not every Board er liner itself violated the widespread opinion. Self-injurious behavior, which a lot of different behaviors such as frequent money spend, includes car driving excessively fast, can occur.The borderline personality disorder among the emotionally unstable Personality disorders. Loss fears, instability in the feeling range, unstable, but also intense interpersonal relationships, which are often characterized by switching between the idealization and devaluation and lack a clear sense of identity with insecurity in many areas are for example the characteristics of the disorder. (A detailed explanation can be found here cms/pages/borderline-sachlich.php) Long, she hid her fault and she still finds it difficult about their problems to talk about. Little more than two years ago, she had contact with other interested parties in a forum on the Internet for the first time. She found it incredibly relieving and soothing to interact with them. Ramona tells that she mad and crazy felt no longer simple, but how many others are also affected noted with great relief and fare which pretty much like yourselves. But again, unrest and even a deletion of the Forum shook the user and it lacked public relations.

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