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It comes beside the point increasing the amount of alrgicas people in the whole world, beyond particles of dust, poeiras, scale – dog of skin, excrements of racos, remaining portions of died mites, fragmen – tos of foods, hair, for, and in result of these sur – gimento of mites, fungos, bacteria and other microorganisms, also we have now the concern with residues of mobiliri them that use harmful materials highly the health human being. The simple dust of I break up wooden, can have agents cancer – genos in used glues. When it will be to make labor detail, it makes with equipment and not with espanadores, brooms and cloths of dust, that only change the problem of place, and worse it places still them in suspension to be inalados more easily. I use to each 06meses of the act of contract of firm specialized in the microaspiration and closed environment disinfection. I recommend the Cacaros -, which with equipment of microaspiration and bathed filter the water, executes one excelenteservio of microscopical particle elimination and the control of the populations of mites, fungos, bacteria and others microorga nismos that spoil the quality of surrounding air and the health of people and animals.

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