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Biodiesel (biodiesel) – a type of biofuel that is produced from vegetable or animal oils (fats), and the products received from kislot.V esters depending on the feedstock used by some Biodiesel production technology. Can be used for biodiesel production following raw materials: vegetable oil (canola, sunflower, palm, soya, etc.), animal fat, algae, rubber and plastic. Biodiesel is obtained, usually from vegetable oil or algae and, therefore, is a long-lived energy source. Biodiesel from rapeseed (canola biofuel from) – widely used at present in Europe, and sow a green raw materials only 0.5% of agricultural land states to get the right amount of biodiesel. Needed for the production of biodiesel algae that contain a large amount of oil.

These algae can be grown as in ordinary water (in ordinary ponds), and in special bioreactors. Bioreactors occupy a small area and are more convenient to choose the algae to produce biodiesel. In addition, all other species herbal algae differ in that they do not consume specially prepared fertilizers, and CO2. At the same algae as 'love' carbon dioxide, that are gaining their weight several times faster, that is, on this diet. If in addition withstand the mire in the polluted water, its daily volume will grow by half.

One of the options for getting the diesel fuel from algae is conceived in the U.S.. For the production of biodiesel algae absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight. Set SolarConverter looks like a solar panel, concluded between the plates of an aqueous solution, in which are placed algae. The system does not require arable land and large acreage. The first plant to produce biodiesel from algae are planning to launch in 2011. The second option involves the installation consisting of a large number of transparent glass tubes. They live and simple aquatic plants. For rapid growth requires light, carbon dioxide, feed and maintain a certain temperature. Feed includes the specific composition of chemical constituents and trace elements. In order to provide Algae heat and carbon dioxide used diesel generator that runs on the same biodiesel. Harvest from a bioreactor is going through a few hours, because bacteria – the most bystrorazmnozhayuschiesya plants. With good care of their weight is doubled in just 40 hours. Of each portion of the product is extracted vegetable fat, from which is produced biodiesel. Algae are special – Pancake, with a fat content of up to 80 percent. Biodiesel can be used in ordinary internal combustion engines, without changing their design. Perhaps the use of biodiesel fuel as a separate species, as well as in combination with conventional (mineral) diesel fuel. There is evidence that German and French companies producing cars, has released several models of machines, specially adapted for a mixture of biodiesel and traditional fuel, or for use pure biodiesel may concern Audi decides to use this technology in its new formulation of hybrid Audi A8. EU plans to bring the receipt of alternative fuel by 2015 – up 15 percent. Based on materials from the site Automotive news from Ukraine and the world

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