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Knowledge Management

The first part can serves a means you create mechanisms will be measuring the intellectual capital accumulated; to other can serves recording and sharing of experiences and knowledge. In this context the Knowledge Management has the rolls of systematic, thus allowing to greater interaction between individuals and expansion of the exchange of knowledge. But we must know who ploughs the people involved in the processes, what the objectives and strategies of the organization. The uses of tools of Information Technology (IT), only serves store the information, thus managing the intellectual contributor capital of each. But will be each employee that will help and make spontaneous way, it is up you the organization that serves explain this administration.

Deploy the Management of Knowledge is therefore to easier on companies that already have participatory culture in which all hierarchies ploughs involved, including the top management. There is in single recipe will be creating an organization you the Knowledge Management. It is up you each organization you choose the best way you stimulate the same, well identify the best software that exists you treat it. Whatever the focus of the company, the methods chosen and applied technologies, the implementation of sound Knowledge Management is an efficient way of continuous improvement in you process of an organization. Being that it you serve accelerate decisions and take the company you lives quickly achieve the goals we it ploughs proposing. Another positive point of Knowledge intellectual Management is the valuation of assets of the organization, which is transforming an individual capital in organizational capital.

The importance of this administration, allows organizations will rely less on standby will be professionals, or in marries of leaving the company, it would have adds knowledge, not thereby running the risk of completely taking with them important knowledge will be the organization. The availability of this knowledge encourages the sharing of information, learning and self-development of employees, thus improving and encouraging the individual performances and thus bringing positive results will be the entire organization. Ndia MirandProf. Doctor Joyanes Luis

Functionality Software

Not necessarily she is necessary to fill I register in cadastre requested to lower, is only enough to clicar in download and to execute successively. In the Educational Linux, software already understands as one sute of enclosed packages in the educational programs for the MEC. 2. Metodolgicos procedures 2.1 Description of the research the carried through research was of the qualitative type and exploratrio, in which an educational software was chosen, from the use and comment of all the aspects of software were carried through an evaluation of the characteristics of quality of software. We leave of the concept of the importance to evaluate technological tools in which they develop the cognitivo potential, percipient and emotional of children with dislexia. 2.2 Methods of evaluation We use norms of model ISO 9126 that it evaluates a software as its characteristics, are: – Functionality Satisfaz the necessities? – Trustworthiness Is immune the imperfections? – Usability Is easy to use? – Efficiency Is fast ' ' enxuto' '? – Portabilidade Is easy to use in other environments? – Manutembilidade Is easy to modify? The software evaluated in question is the Gcompris that ahead made possible many analyses, some attributes that were considered excellent in the evaluation, such as: the easiness in the use of software, the stimulation for the dislxico, to have clear instructions, to have a procedural orientation and amongst that if its evaluation must be intent how much. The objective was to get information that allowed to establish an analysis on the Gcompris as a software that assists the process of teach-learning and desenvolvedor of abilities of children with dislexia. 3. Analyses and results 3.1 Evaluation while ISO 9126 Answering inside of the possibilities of the Gcompris to the model considered for ISO/IEC 9126, which defines six characteristics and twenty subcaractersticas that the quality of a software determines.

True Type Characters

The great majority of scanners comes with at least a program OCR that can be used to extract text of pages printed, substituting itself thus the manual digitao. The main requirement of a OCR software is to offer has supported to the Portuguese language, therefore, in case that contrary, the accented characters will not be recognized, making with that the text presents many errors (MORIMOTO, 2005). The sources True Type used by the text publishers they are recorded in vectorial way, a mathematical description of the curves and lines that compose caracter. This resource allows that the size of the source is modified freely, without loss of quality. One OCR program basically acts comparing the characters escaneados with these graphical sources (MORIMOTO, 2005).

Initially a program OCR starts examining the image the search of the blank spaces and makes a mapping of them, as process is the comparison of each character with the established model of graphical source, having an acceptable percentage of coincidence, then the character he is recognized, however the efficiency of this process depends on a very great similarity between the sources and the digitalizados characters, thus many characters finishes not being recognized, especially characters in italic boldface or. As a process is applied in the not recognized characters, however this process more is detailed, therefore it geometrically analyzes each character, calculating the height, width, and combinations of straight lines, curves and areas blank. Again we use the probability, for example a character in moon form half that continues in the form of a straight line it has great possibilities of being one ' ' d' ' very small however also could be one ' ' b' ' very small, this secondary processing is not delayed since for each not-recognized character it will have some process. A last alternative to recognize unreadable characters, can be individually to show bitmap of each caracter not recognized e, to ask for to the user substitutes who it for the corresponding letter, or then, simply, to use a symbol as , % or # in the place of the character so that the user can correct the error manually later (MORIMOTO, 2005). 6.METODOLOGIA the project will be lead in the UNEMAT? State university of Bar of the Bugres in the Campus of Bar of the Bugres through disciplines of Supervised Period of training, where the research will be divided in some phases.

The first phase will be the survey of the necessary data for the development of the archetype of the applicatory one, where we will carry through research in the OCR area and research on the Android platform. The second phase consists of developing the applicatory one from the data previously searched and studied, the applicatory one it will have that to take care of to the necessary requirements so that it can reach its final objective. The third phase of this project consists of the analysis of the results gotten through the archetype of the applicatory one, where they will be extracted given quantitative and qualifying of the results of the archetype of the applicatory one. In the fourth and last phase the writing of the final report of the project will be made. 7.RISCOS IN the IMPLANTAO/REALIZAO OF the PROJECT the Android platform is a new platform and brings a new concept of programming for mobile devices, however the lack of sources of consultations, and the scarcity of didactic material in the library of the Campus, as well as in web, represents a risk for the implantation of this project.

Educative School

The third moment is marked by the concern with the learning process and for the interdisciplinaridade, a search of alternatives exists to try to reorganize knowing, giving possibility to the pupil to have an integral education. However it is the moment where the necessary professor of a support of the coordination or, even though, the direction. It is the moment where it needs a pedagogical project of the School, in order to work together. ' ' The attitude to interdisciplinar is not in the junction of contents, nor in the junction of methods; much less in the junction of you discipline, nor in the creation of new contents products of these functions; the attitude to interdisciplinar is contained in the people who think the educative project. Any disciplines, and not specifically the didactics or period of training, can be the articuladora of a new to make and a new to think the formation of educador.' ' (FARM, 1993:64) It is the moment where the professor starts to use other technologies, but, although its look for is of the school, still he continues imprisoned it. Softwares of authorship is very worked, as well as the Internet. However, still of the informative point of view, it participates of some colaborativos projects; however it searchs almost always to work the pertaining to school content.

HEINECK considers: ' ' The educators have that to be capable to articulate the knowledge so that all he starts to be organized, and thus initiate it overcoming of the disciplinarizao, of to know distant tax and of the reality lived for educating. One practical to interdisciplinar, certainly will contribute for the forging of conscientious citizens of its duties and capable to fight for its rights with dignidade.' ' The room moment is marked by the transcendncia beyond the walls of the school, school-quarter, school-city, school-school and school-world. It is the moment of the exchange, the communication and communitarian participation.

Computer Issues

Interpretation according to pregao of the Shepherd Walter of the book of: 2 Chronicles 20:17 – 22 I understand: Who does not desire to have a computer and who after having it, of it does not complain? ' ' This computer does not answer correctly. It never makes what I want! ' ' We can have the computer most powerful of the world, but if softwares will be inadequate, it never will go to function as ' ' fabricante' ' it planned. Beyond inadequate programs, we have also the viruses of computer, ready to enter in our machines, to destroy the hard disk and all our information. The machine is slow, stranger, functioning defectively and when we communicate in them with people, we transmit the same viruses who are in our machines, infectando of our friends. What he is pernicious and harmful if spreads. This occurs not because our computers are defective, but because other programs, had entered in it, reprogramando softwares and infectando programs. I am saying everything this to show that our mind is similar to one computer.

It considers with me: y God programmed in them in wonderful and victorious way. (Sl.139: 13-16) y Throughout the life, for the contacts that we have, we allow that other structures of inadequate thoughts, infectem the program inside the holy ghost of us. (Is.53: 6) y As computer virus, these inadequate thoughts, beyond contaminating our minds, them corrupts our information and values. y Our lives if become strangers, defective and start to contaminate others with our negative attitudes, for being disaligned with ' ' Word of Deus' ' , ' ' Manual' ' of the Creator. If its life walks stranger, without vigor, happiness, without the blessings of God, it needs to be reprogramada. It has something that you need to know: Its emotions are not negative or positive.

Diamond Exchange

It so often referred to … Psychic, telekinetic, clairvoyant Ronnie Marcus. He recently expressed his desire to visit Russia. "I hope to see you soon in Moscow", – told me Ronnie Marcus. – I know that people in Russia have a very high awareness of the phenomenon of psychic energy.

" So begins an interview with Natalia Zhebit, which is published in the newly posted 13 issue of the newspaper "Steps Oracle" on page 13, under the heading phenomenon. Roni Marcus call today, along with the most famous psychics – Wolf Messing, Uri Geller, Wang said. Russian writer and scholar – a geophysicist member PEN Club in Sydney, Evgeny Tsvetkov, who had seen him repeatedly demonstrate, compared them with the ball Woland – there was a feeling he had once, during a meeting in a closed club at the Diamond Exchange in Israel. "Roni Marcus – it sees a psychic and telekinetic. He was quite famous in the world community. I was on his ideas more than once when I lived abroad. And even then he predicted a great future and world fame. It happened.

This is a really big phenomenon. I, as a scientist trying to understand what he was doing, and participated in a demonstration of his experiments. He drives a car blindfolded, finds missing, bend solid metal objects without touching them, incapacitate technique demonstrates a variety of unique features, which generously endowed by nature. Worked with him and the scientists and the military, trying to unravel his phenomenal abilities. I think the explanation can be found in time science "… Even more interesting evidence about the phenomenon of Roni is on a personal site writer Igor Guberman, where he recalls: "I once saw a miracle … in Israel. And in a city for its history of miracles navidalisya. In Jerusalem, it was. And perhaps this is miracle to repeat. But the best scientists of the country refuse to even look because the collapse of their world view, as if life will come to nothing, and will be poisoned mind the inability to explain what they saw. I understand them. My friend, seeing this, slightly moved mind. No, not for long, for three days, but the effect was obvious. Still: he was the first in my life (I – already the fifth time), watched the triumph of spirit over matter … "A miracle? Tricks? No, not an illusion. Details – in the first interview Ronnie Marcus for Russian readers.

Modern Choreography

Dance – a kind of language for communication. Modern Dance – an art that every day you can develop and improve. In ancient times, dance has played a special role in the lives of everyone. It brings people together likened their bodies and souls, and taught to withstand adversity. The ability to dance is always encouraged. Only in the dance people can express their emotions and feelings, do not hesitate own body. Want to really learn how well dance? Then welcome to our school dance! We are happy to help you move gracefully and confidently feel like a dance, and in everyday life. Dance liberates and gives vitality.

Enrolling in our school dances, you get to know new people, gain true friends and possibly find true love. Unbelievable, but you can open a new, unexplored world of dance. Dance Studio will help you learn just the dance that are interested in and like you. Perhaps it is the passionate Latin dances and perhaps club dance and modern dance rnb. Never mind that this is closer to you, but all the dances feel your body and soul.

Many Young people are often interested in R & B dancing. Indeed, the hip-hop dancing at the present stage of development are very popular. To begin with I want to say that the R & B dance deciphered as rhythm and blues. Many people think R & B does not dance styles and lifestyles. Modern Dance R n B – the movement, speed, fiery rhythms leisurely mood determines the direction of this dance. By its very nature you an optimist? Love the positive and good mood? Then dancing R & B – this is what you need! R & B created just for you! Modern dance studio to be proud of his skill and experience of teaching staff. Because see, and to develop the ability to perfection – this is not an easy task. But we never lose, because a unique technique, modern dance class designed Methodists our school makes it easy and affordable to learn of your choice direction. Your achievements in the world of dance – this is the merit of our teachers who are sincerely glad your victories. X-Dance Studio – Dance studio school


This is not about to deliberately stir up jealousy partner. But many women make the mistake when they decide: "I have loved one, and now I have no boyfriend do not need, with other men I talk only when necessary>>. Live the life as lived – communicate with friends, accept flowers from fans. Will let you be "in tone>, feel beautiful and unique, and a man make a quick decision. Another error is, paradoxically, is formulated as follows: "I will not be imposed on him, so I'll be for him a valuable>>. Woman years agrees to a civil marriage, not daring to talk about the development relationship.

Yes, the marriage does not need to obsess, do not give him overvalued, but if after a year of permanent relations man would not suggest you get married time to think. If he tells you it is not ready for family life – in most cases it does not "excuse>> but the sad truth. Think hard about whether you need a partner. Maybe worth terminate unpromising relationship? There are many techniques ">> men, enabling all the same to bring them to the door registrar. About these techniques I described in detail in their training. Briefly express their essence – do not let the man to guess how important to you legally married. Simply create a situation where it needed to make this choice.

– The most-the most important secret of female attractiveness and charm – what is it? What you need to be a winner for life and just happy woman? – The charm is made up of many traits: appearance, gait and plastic movements, the notorious ability to "apply themselves>>, voice. All this is quite simple to learn. But most importantly – internal state of happiness. Bring yourself to life as a bowl full of light. Sign in state of inner happiness, joy, delight them. This idea will shine in your eyes and keep your proud bearing. See what is happening on the streets. Here comes a woman, crooked back, eyes to the floor, her face dimmed – she herself does not like someone she might like? Men respond primarily to boost happiness and satisfaction that comes from women. Subconsciously, every man is looking for one that will bring happiness and joy in his life. My primary goal as a psychologist and sex therapist – a woman to teach "drag>> from itself, rather than look for wrinkles on the pope and cellulite under a microscope. Cultivate an inner sense of exclusivity and uniqueness. Remember, you're on their own – worth. And you could do it! Interview by

Car Security

Modern technology now used, including in order to keep the engine of your car safe. Composite until that protection is well known in the large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but more and more owners of foreign cars across Russia make their choice in favor of just such a defense. What are the advantages of the composite crankcase Carbon to metal protection? Let's start with the fact that due to the ease of fiberglass, composite protection weighs less than metal. This is despite the fact that the thickness of the composite of the protection of at least 8 mm. That, in turn, gives her an incredible stiffness.

Judge for yourself, you can pick up the car jack, resting his defense in the composite, and you still remain a safe gap between protection and crankcase. So, when you run into a stone, composite protection due to its hardness, save the engine from attack. For high strength composite protection is sometimes referred to as 'Kevlar'. Since fiberglass does not corrode, it will not rust. He was not afraid of no salt in the roads, or those chemicals that are poured over the roads in winter.

Because of its elasticity, composite crankcase not crumple. Maybe you know that very often after the impact, the metal starts hesitates and protection to touch the engine or other parts that are close by. As a result, the metal protection have to shoot and edit a sledgehammer to it had the previous form. And it is at least a trip to the car wash, waste of time and money. But if you have a composite protection, you can forget about these troubles.

Mobile Pictures

Now few people can imagine their daily life without a gray small or large, but always stylish, bright and loyal friend. Who obediently lies at the bottom of our purse or coat pocket, waiting for his finest hour, to give us the opportunity to hear at the other end of the mother, the favorite and a welcome voice, and sometimes get a "hello!" from old friends via SMS. This and much more we can do thanks our longtime friend and companion – the telephone. Today it an integral part of ourselves, and of course each lucky winner of this "miracle technology" wants to make your phone unique and unrepeatable. Underlining its exquisite individuality and show their imagination. This may best be done using free clip art for a phone with a resolution of 240×320, which will always help as beautifully and effectively arrange your display pet.

Everyone knows what the phone shows the status of the owner, his subtle taste and oh, how a person feels and perceives the world at the moment, in this situation. The more free Image is on the phone, the more varied and interesting it can be to style. Thus, free pictures on your phone will be able to accurately and thoroughly reflect your mood and feelings. These miniature works of art that can dramatically turn your inner world, to change the perception of the world and will learn how to subtly feel the beauty and understand the aesthetics – that's what the free pictures for your phone. Still, their main goal is to consistently raise the spirits holder as high as possible, to make him believe in miracles and magic, so make him feel that happiness nearby, and free pictures for your phone, are the main direct evidence. In a wide, constantly updated product range, free images, even the most demanding and capricious client can find for himself and his the phone exactly what they are looking.

The creators and developers of free clip art for your phone guarantee the quality, originality and uniqueness of the product. Anyone who has made his choice in favor of free images for your phone already surely time to assess the high level of the highest quality, creative design solutions, a variety of colors and clarity of graphics. Thus, the demand for free pictures for your phone is constantly increasing, praising the product to a new level. Customers have already, and were able to appreciate and celebrate for myself what the best way to improve your phone is the acquisition of free elementary images for your phone.

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