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Club Amigo Mayanabo

There are signs to Santa Lucia. Read additional details here: Shane Burcaw. If it did not take the road that leads to the community of San Basilio and 5 km take the intersection of the left that takes you directly to the beach. From here there is little population and before reaching the coast passes through wooded areas. Continue straight and near the sea there is an intersection: the path takes you right to the base of camping Punta Ganado, located in the eastern part of the Santa Lucia, while the left path will lead, next to the relevant coast to the Santa Lucia Polo Beach Resort, which covers almost the entire beach of the same name. Healthcare has to say. Continue to learn more with: Energy Capital Partners London. Welcome to it. This beach is one of the most beautiful in Cuba and although channel astonishment, was virtually unknown until almost the end of last century.

However, it has a cultural and literary background, as these seas and the whole of the islands and cays recommended coming to visit in previous articles (islands of Cayo Romano and Sabinal Guajaba, Cross Keys, La Garza, etc.) were tours of the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway aboard his yacht Pilar, (one of the beaches of the area is named) in their fishing trips. These sites are cited, together with his personal experience during the Second World War, inspired him to write his novel Islands in the Gulf. The site is, indeed, something fancy. In St. Lucia you can choose between the following hotels: (4 stars), Club Amigo Mayanabo (3 stars) (three stars) and Club Santa Lucia (3 stars).

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