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Dreams Versus Nightmares

That dreams are strange and mysterious is fact that I do not dare to disagree. But I do not believe in misticismo, I believe that she is accumulation of information that we receive from conscientious or unconscious way during determined period and that if manifest at our moments of rest. Even though, religiously speaking, it fascinates me the Biblical history of the Old Will, of Jose in Egypt, the man vendido for the brothers to be enslaved and gained the confidence of the Fara, galgando the highest positions when interpreting sonhosque tormented the sovereign. Day of these I possibly dreamed that it was close to a community, coming back it aougue next, therefore it brought a package of meat and it was well to the will, of bermuda shorts and slippers, when a carro stopped to my side. or. Nothing excessively, he is common somebody to ask for information, but the driver was nothing less than journalist Ftima Bernardes. Curiously, in the behind bank, still arranging coat and necktie, he was the husband of it, also journalist William Bonner.

They demonstrated haste nervousness and wanted to arrive at the place of a possible accident. About the hour, nor I thought about saying of mine some years of experience in police news articles, entered in the car and we were. Orientaes for the radio communicator gave coordinate to arrive at the place. They were ciphered messages used by policemen, even though in the letter M, the interlocutor instead of saying M of ' ' Mike' ' , it said was a palavro, making the Ftima to corar. To descontrair, I asked of the children of the couple, praised the elegance as they had presented the National Periodical and said for the Ftima that the new program of it certainly will be success. We arrive at the place and it was not traffic accident.

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