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Fast Weight Loss

To lose weight should sensibly Before deciding on an instant diet that promises that you could lose a month a couple of dozen pounds, think about the consequences. Not even on those physicians already tired of repeating: that there is no long-term effect of such diets do not provide. Just you have to the same poglupeete and dramatically reduce your immunity. Some experts explains the whole process: Because of such a diet the body loses iron to .A to deliver oxygen to the brain. As a result – reduced mental capacity by an average of 12 percent. It does not help in this case and taking vitamins to provide the necessary micronutrients.

They absorbed no more than 20 percent. The bread is not fattening Nutritionists say: not allowed to exclude bread from the diet, even if you want to lose weight. Get Fat, is not the bread, and of butter or jam on it. Therefore, those who are concerned about how you can quickly lose the daily bread dose should be limited to 80 grams. The fact that the bread contains glyutsidy (chemical substance similar to sugar: 1 g glyutsida gives 4 calories). Per 100 grams of bread has 260 calories, on rolls and Cakes more But just giving up bread, you get problems with the digestive system. Potatoes are also accused that he is obese. However, in reality it is not so high-calorie: the average portion (250-300 grams) brings between 225 to 270 calories. If you want to reduce their number, cook potatoes or steamed in their jackets.

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