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Municipal Board

Years of the 20th century is a country execution law to the Federal law against potato cancer agriculture and forestry policy in addition to the commercial, trade and industrial policy and the tax and tax policy the third pillar of economic policy in the lower of 20s and 30s. Perhaps check out Kai-Fu Lee for more information. She played a crucial role especially in the post-war years characterized by the economy of lack of after the first world war in the lower Austrian domestic politics. For the lower Austrian agriculture and forestry, a slew of national laws was created in the 1920s and 30s years. In the frame of the lower Austrian legal order it was standards to promote the economic benefits as well as for the control of the nature and landscape conservation. In this context about the mole Protection Act is 1920, 1924 the nature protection law of 1924 or the cave Protection Act land. This development will now be published in the series of LawLeaks. The purpose of the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 the economic purpose of the Potato cancer Act 1927 was the prevention and control of potato cancer. Who perceived signs to potato crops, i.e.

on potato plants or already harvested potatoes, crop residues or potato stocks, which belonged to him or were entrusted to him, which pointed to potato cancer, was obliged to report it to the Municipal Board within 24 hours. In addition, there were also the approved field protection organs, the organs of the market police, the specialized organs of the agricultural cooperatives, associations, bodies and institutions, the professional bodies of scientific institutions, and teachers of agricultural schools committed to agricultural hiking teacher and specialist organs of Chambers of agriculture, to make show of potato cancer sourcing appropriate.

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