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Skipper Certification

Certification of skippers for the right to control small boats supervised gift mes of Russia, conducted by the Rules of certification, duly approved and registered with the Russian Ministry of Justice. With certification by taking exams and testing skills to navigate a vessel examination commissions gift. Skippers on the results of appraisal issued certificates of competence for small boat (boat, motor boat, sailing boat, jet ski). Swarmed by offers, Robotics is currently assessing future choices. Exams Only persons who have attained the age of 18, found eligible for health to the management of the courts and having a theoretical and practical training in the amount not less than Model training programs for small craft skippers approved by mes of Russia. For admission to the examinations to the commission skippers, the following documents: a statement on the letterhead of a personal card master (issued in the GIMS) copy of diploma (certificate) on the graduation of Navigation on the specialty or a certificate of completion courses (school) training navigators, medical certificate of life to the management of small boat, two photographs measuring 3 x 4 cm, an identity document (presented on the day of the exam). Persons who have not submitted the required documents in full, for exams are not allowed, but the person who provided the documents as part of diplomas (certificates) for the right classes of Navigation posts as well as diplomas yacht captains, yacht certification steering, Navigation national or international instruments on the exams for the right to control, respectively, motor or sail small boat freed. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mikkel Svane. Issuance of these individuals certification is based on interviews in meeting of the Examination Board in the amount of the requirements of rules for using small boats. . .

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