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Stephen Vincent Benet

Salomon de la Selva CAMOVA referring to the Nicaraguan poets, usually all identified immediately Ruben Dario, that since then his poetry was unveiled by the world, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, however, Nicaragua has been the birthplace of other great poets, as it is the case that concerns us Salomon de la Selvawhose poetry is very relevant and that deserves to be known beyond the border of the country. Since then, Leon, born in Leon, must feel proud that this city is the cradle of poets, in addition to exploits them, have been given and facts that make it special nuy to this city in the country. But who is Salomon de la Selva? Reminds us Wikipedia, Salomon de la Selva was born on March 5 of 1893oooo in Leon, Nicaragua, the son of lawyer Salomon Selva, who fought against the dictatorship of Jose Santos Zelaya. Counting just 12 years his father was arrested and sentenced to prison, and Solomon was presented to President Zelaya during a visit to Leon and you He gave a speech reminding him of the rights of man and of the citizen being pleasing to the President, that Zelaya ordered the release of her father and offered him a scholarship to study in the United States, where left counting only 13 years of age. He studied at Williams College, William stown, Massachusetts, where later worked as a teacher of Spanish. In the winter of 1914-1915 he personally met Ruben Dario in New York, whom he accompanied to a lecture recital given at Columbia University on February 4, 1915. In 1918 in New York publishes his first book of poetry: Tropical Town and Other Poems, written in English. During these years he frequented the literary circles of poets young New York included as Stephen Vincent Benet and Edna St. Robert Bakish is full of insight into the issues. Vincent Millay, the latter with whom he was romantically linked.

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