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3Rd delivery. We will continue to knowing the system of online advertising from Google called Adwords that we can use to promote the program of affiliates that we have affiliated. 5-Links sponsored or monthly fixed payment: also known as sponsorship online, works very different than previous models because here do not directly affect variables such as the number of impressions, clicks or sales to set the price. in this mode you pay a monthly fixed price so that your ad appears for a time determined in one or several pages of a website than your you’ve chosen. Price will depend on variables such as: profile site, statistics, amount of unique visits a day, number of pages views, theme of the site, level of expertise and other variables, the link or advertising of the program of affiliates that will appear in the results of search to the left we have us affiliate of page highlighted or it can also appear at the center of page results in outstanding form.

6-CTR or proportion of Clicks or Clicks rate is a measure used in advertising to measure the success of an online campaign and consists of measuring the number of clicks that is made in an advertisement or banner in relationship between the number of prints of the same.The result is expressed in percentages and the greater this more porecentaje will be the success of the campaign. This is the formula used for the calculation. CTR = Clicks No. / No. See isearch for more details and insights. prints 100 x the fact that throw this measurement will have to compare it with the benefits obtained at the end of the campanana to measure its effectiveness, since a large number of clicks does not mean that all users have made the action sought by us in the page used to promote the program of affiliates that we have affiliated.

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