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Users of ViralUrl enlists new members, so he can add his downline. New members can then Periodically angemailt. New members make an upgrade for ViralUrl, the previous member receives a Commission. On the basis of a further Cloakings the own domain can be preceded by a tiny modification of the own .htaccess file this short links. Thus, the ViralUrl must not necessarily be used. New members are introduced on the basis of video tutorials in the whole issue. The emails obtained via ViralUrl are not desirable. This can be filtered easily, however.

The Member already gets money promoting its own gecloakten address provided previously the credit option was selected. Additional credits get each Member, placing ViralBar ads on your own website. Everytime an ad on your homepage will appear, 0,4 credits earned the owner of the website. Banners are even 0.4 credits 0.2 cents when gold, Platinum and diamond elite members. Upgrade to a paid version offers many Advantages. So for example more Refferer at its own gecloakten address can be viewed. The Commission referred members rates are higher after the upgrade. It added not only the own enlisted members, but also arbitrary participants of own downline.

The email shipping goes every three days to 3,000 6,000 active members. Promises a success to this form of advertising? ViralUrl marketing comes from the United States, where it is successfully used for many years. Huge advantage over media such as radio and TV is that this form of advertising, if it is well designed, not perceived as advertising. Also can be achieved by using the ViralUrl passenger groups, which would be difficult to achieve through other marketing measures. The Internet user is cool with the contribution he is willing to pass on this post also to friends and relatives. Measured in the success of the effort proves extremely low. Success even besides the clipping can be measured with the tracking links or URL parameters. For videos, you can try to trace the diffusion of the video clips on the basis of codes. Furthermore, special software (also known as second-hand software) eligible, lets you achieve efficient monitoring. Money is with ViralUrl definitely earn, as well as prove numerous, positive customer recessions. to the free excerpt: here click

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