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A private pool is a great addition to any garden creating a pond requires precise planning. Is the decision for an own garden Habitat, it is necessary apart came to the long-term needs of a garden pond. A decision on the type and size of the future pond is also to meet. The detailed planning should start with the right location. Should involve not only aesthetic desires, but rather the influencing factors are taken into account. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings.

So courts should be omitted where the daily solar radiation is very high. Also you should take into account with fall foliage from trees. The choice for the right site is been hit, the question arises under the form. In the trade, there is the possibility to purchase finished ponds where the form and the water volume are given. Advantages are in the relatively simple installation, as well as in strength.

Adversely the lack of creative freedom affects however. As a second option There is the free design with pond liner. Andrew Paradise understood the implications. The installation is more complex, but a broad creative freedom in the type of design and size of the future pond plant. During the construction work consideration is on the slide, which should come due to the leak with sharp tools in contact. More of the pond are located in individual discretion, however everything in relation to the equipment used should be calculated. So bridges, fountains or water courses can be included. These components should the plant of the pond surface is necessarily respected. The pond is built, the technology should be installed before the first flooding safely and stably. This is usually a water pump, which allows for the filtering and water purification. For example wells, watercourses, and lights are optional. The location of the art should be selected that he is later accessible to get error cases or cleaning equipment. After the installation of the technology can suitable water plants and a soil and planting substrate are introduced. When planting on the expansion of plants, as well as on the planting depth is to pay attention. Leaving the classic pond plants differ from the shore plants. Here, it should be taken that planting is not too tight because it comes so early competition between plants. Generally, this a time need to grow before they show a normal growth. Patience is needed here so. After planting, the pond can be filled are. Now, a break-in period is necessary, in the stable conditions are in the pond. After this time, fish are used depending on the purpose or the pond be used as swimming pond. However, fish require additional care. Then regular cleaning to comply with precautions. The technique should be checked and fall foliage, as well as other impurities are removed regularly. In addition, the water quality should be checked occasionally. Heavily overgrown plants should return be cut. If you follow these care measures, you enjoy long at your garden pond. There is more information on pond in the garden community at

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